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Midtown Sacramento Coyote Update

Midtown Sacramento Coyote Update
Guy Galante Date : Sunday, May 31, 2020

Midtown Sacramento Coyote Update

In the last week, we have circumnavigated the area to assess it and to observe how people are responding. We have also been able to observe her eating habits and have done some basic scat analyses. Her diet appears to be a mix of fruit, mixed food items, birds, and rodents. We also received a report that she was hunting ducks at Sutter’s Fort. We have found things like whole tacos and discarded to-go boxes with food in them on the sidewalks and in the alleys. Runoff from irrigation is a reliable water source. 

Each morning and afternoon, someone from our team ventures out to monitor the situation and they report similar experiences/observations. So far, THE RESPONSE HAS BEEN OVERWHELMINGLY POSITIVE, and we have had some really great conversations. Many neighbors are looking out for the coyotes and helping us monitor the situation. Way to go Midtown!

We are again asking you to KEEP YOUR DISTANCE by not walking directly up to the site. We understand your curiosity for sure. If you must purposely visit or pass by, we ask that you view it from the opposite side of the street. Definitely do not loiter directly at the site. This makes the coyote uncomfortable and forces her to leave. This also agitates the coyote and could lead to aggression. This would compromise our number one goal of keeping the public safe and it jeopardizes the coyotes’ safety, too.

There have also been SOME RATHER DISTURBING OCCURRENCES that have unfolded right in front of us. 

Usually in the mornings, the barricade is knocked over, so we stand it back up. We find part of it knocked over throughout the day. Some people are ignoring the temporary sidewalk blockage and are walking right up to the den site. This is causing great stress on the mama who can be seen anxiously pacing and panting. The stress makes her run off and this compromises her health and the health of her offspring. 

There was a report of a person chasing the coyote with a hatchet, and another person “jokingly” verbalized that he was going to shoot her. By the way, discharging a firearm in the City limit is totally illegal. 

This morning a man rode his bike right at the resting adult coyote and made audible noises and gestures to scare her off. We politely asked if we could speak with him but he waved his hands in disgust and rode off. The coyote ran right into the street and was almost run over by a truck. We watched her run more than a block away. She made it to the street corner when an unrelated second cyclist saw her and chased her further away, rapidly following her down Capitol Avenue and again, we saw some close encounters with vehicles. 

The pups have made brief appearances and they look to be healthy and about 8 weeks old. They are too young to be able to navigate the streets. If mama and pups are forced out right now, this may not end well for them. This is why we hope you can just let them be right now. We are passing all of this information on to wildlife biologists and trained professionals though, and they are the best people to make determinations of how things should proceed. We will post further updates as things progress. Thank you to all who are putting positive energy towards this!



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