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Sub-Urban Coyote Questions

Sub-Urban Coyote Questions
Guy Galante Date : Thursday, May 28, 2020

Concerned about coyotes in your neighborhood? Do you want to be part of the solution?

It is essential that residents ask themselves some key questions. 

What and where are the attractants that lead coyotes to my neighborhood? (Cats are not primary attractants.) 

Do I have pet food and/or water dishes out front or back? 

Is there a water source either from pooling water, runoff, or a leaky faucet? 

Is there a hole in my fence giving coyotes access to my property? 

Is my bird feeder area tidy? My garden? 

Do I have an open compost container or trash cans? 

Is there fallen tree fruit or nuts around my property? 

Are coyotes able to seek shelter under my deck or in overgrown landscaping? 

Do my neighbors and I know how to properly haze coyotes so we can work together to make our neighborhood less desirable for coyotes? 

Have I done any basic research to better understand coyote ecology? (Check out Project Coyote). 

What is happening to their natural habitat that makes the sub/urban environment a better option?

If a community works together to educate themselves and put humane hazing practices in place, coyote conflicts can be minimized. Davis, CA, San Dimas, CA, Calabasas, CA and Denver, CO are examples of cities where human behavior has been effective in redirecting coyote behavior. 

It is possible to achieve this in Sacramento, and will require time, consistency and a coordinated effort.



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