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Have you ever heard the expression “A little bird told me”? Birds are the newspapers of the natural world!

There is a constant conversation going on among the birds around you. Those who have the skills and understanding to join the conversation can interpret the behavior and natural language of birds. Come learn about this lost art, and expand your knowledge of what is happening in the natural world. The class will explore the basic core routines of bird language, the 'shapes of alarm', the sound and motion-based alarm signature that each animal generates as it moves across the landscape.

Bird Language is a full-sensory and a whole-self approach to studying birds and wildlife. By studying the calls, postures and other behaviors of birds, the attentive, trained observer can deduce the location of predators and other forces on the landscape. One can also develop insight to their own impact on the environment and the creatures who inhabit it.

This workshop is open to birders, naturalists and meditators of all experience levels who enjoy slowing down and quietly observing nature for long durations of time. The workshop is equal parts training and meditative exercise. It offers a balance between individually-focused activities and group-participation, to maximize learning and engagement.


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